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Off-Road and Survival

If you're looking to explore biblical sites and immerse yourself in the transformative experiences of biblical figures, this tour is ideal for you. With a carefully crafted itinerary, this tour offers a range of unique and engaging activities that promote educational values. These experiences are designed to cater to your interests and are led by experienced instructors passionate about creating a solid connection between you and the content. With this tour, you're guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Embark on a journey to Israel and witness the sites where holy men altered the course of human history after encountering the divine. This experience is perfect for those who aspire to leave their mark on history.

Tour Todoterreno.jpg

The Land Tours is the leading Hispanic Christian tour operator in Israel. Specially designed travel programs, you can train, equip, and rediscover God's design and calling for your life. Choose from three different travel options to find the perfect fit for your spiritual journey.

a) Israel: 9 days - 8 nights.

b) Israel - Egypt - Jordan: 12 days - 11 nights.

c) Israel - Jordan: 10 days - 9 nights.

Our travel programs cater to individual preferences, offering a range of itineraries with unique daily and nightly activities. Additionally, we utilize specialized training scenarios previously used for police, soldiers, and the Ministry of Defense to enhance your overall experience.

We proudly offer training and courses that showcase the skills of Israel's security services, including the IDF and Mossad (Israeli Intelligence Agency). Our programs provide an authentic experience that allows participants to gain insight into the daily life of an IDF soldier.

Krav Maga

You will learn the fundamental principles of Krav Maga (Personal Battle) to enhance your self-assurance and self-respect. Engage in enjoyable and thrilling activities as you acquire practical self-defense techniques and strategies.

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Shooting Range

Shooting Range with Real Firearms. Develop shooting skills by targeting different objects—an activity for ages 18 and above. History and techniques of firearm usage will be taught.

Entrenamiento de combate urbano.jpg

Urban Combat

Experience Urban Combat Training and learn valuable discipline, task planning, safety, technique, and teamwork skills. This training will provide you with an understanding of the daily life of a soldier and instill survival skills. Join us for this unique opportunity to develop these essential principles.

túneles de combate.jpg

Combat Tunnels

We will focus on combat tunnel training to foster character development and build self-esteem.



Gain confidence and learn new skills by entering buildings while rappelling. This activity simulates counter-terrorism acts where you'll rappel through windows.

Rafting en el mar de Galilea.jpg

Rafting in the Galilee

Experience the thrill of teamwork, adventure, and physical activity with the unique movement of building rafts and crossing the Sea of Galilee as a team. Gather in groups and work together to construct your rafts before embarking on the exciting journey from one side of the sea to the other.


The Buckeye

Experiencing the landscapes of Israel from above is a thrilling and unforgettable adventure! You'll always be under the guidance of a skilled instructor while also learning about the mechanics of a particular aircraft. This activity will get your adrenaline pumping and give you a unique experience.



Guide team leaders to the designated area and collect puzzle pieces. Group members will use harnesses and ropes to secure themselves and the objects, pulling and releasing the rope to position them correctly.


Helicopter Rides

Our services include private helicopter flights using some of Israel's largest helicopters catering to up to 13 guests. Our pilots are highly experienced and trained. To add to the overall experience, we offer additional activities after the landing.

Tiendas de campaña.jpg


You can partake in Abrahamic hospitality and enjoy moments of prayer and praise around campfires in the desert. The meals offered will be based on biblical menu items, and you'll have the opportunity to journey through the desert on camelback.

Ciudades Antiguas Israel.jpg

Old Cities

Discover the rich history and culture of Israel through guided tours of its ancient cities such as Jaffa, Acre, Jerusalem, Be'er Sheva, Haifa, Tiberias, and many more. Experienced tour guides will lead the way, providing an immersive and authentic experience.

Franja de Gaza.jpg

Gaza Strip

Upon arrival in the Gaza Strip, one of our knowledgeable guides will greet participants and provide a brief overview of the history of the area. During their visit, they'll have the chance to explore the exhibition featuring the terror tunnels that posed an underground threat during Operation Protective Edge.

Experience new and thrilling challenges with these exciting activities. Gain insights into Israel's historical sites and background while immersing yourself in the country's authenticity. The activities are designed to create a connection between participants and Israel.

Conducir vehículos RZR.jpg

RZR Vehicles

Experience the thrill of driving RZR vehicles through a rugged and exciting landscape where these vehicles can handle any terrain. It's a challenging and exhilarating tour that offers an extraordinary driving experience.

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Bicycle Tours

Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore various paths perfect for families and large groups. Our team carefully plans the biking routes to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Our professional cycling guides will be on hand to offer valuable tips and techniques to help you cycle safely and confidently.

Safari Jeep Tours.jpg

Safari Jeep Tours

Our team designs custom jeep tours in stunning locations that showcase the breathtaking landscapes of Israel. Each group will receive a detailed map, a comprehensive itinerary overview, and exclusive codes to decode for accurate navigation through the various sites.

Piloto por un dia.jpg

Pilot for a day

Our Herzliya airport offers a comprehensive full-day experience that covers everything from flight theory to ground practice, culminating in the ultimate thrill of taking to the skies with an experienced flight instructor to learn how to fly solo.







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