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Masada and Dead Sea Tour

Masada and Dead Sea Tour

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This tour heads south of Israel through the Judean Hills and passes by the Inn of the Good Samaritan. We take a break at sea level for an unforgettable photo session and then continue our descent below sea level to the iconic Dead Sea. Our first stop is Masada, where we take a cable car up to the top of the plateau and explore the remains of Herod's 2,055-year-old palace fortress. We see notable structures, including palaces and a bathhouse. From Masada, the tour takes you through the desert oasis of Ein Gedi and Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. We spend the rest of the day relaxing at one of the Dead Sea beaches. You can float in the salty water, which is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean, creating natural buoyancy. Use the Dead Sea mud as a natural skin mask and soak up the glorious Dead Sea sun.

  • What to Expect

    We begin this exciting Masada and Dead Sea tour by traveling south from Jerusalem through the Judean Hills. The tour passes by the Inn of the Good Samaritan and stops by the sign indicating sea level. From that point, the tour descends below sea level to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the planet.


    The tour follows the edge of the Dead Sea, where the turquoise water is bordered by a white salt crust. Our first stop on this tour is Masada, a "mesa" or flat-topped rock outcrop rising 450 meters above the desert plains. We take a cable car to the summit of the Masada plateau, where there are breathtaking panoramic views of the Dead Sea.


    At Masada, we explore the remains of King Herod's palace fortress, built between 37-31 BC. The excavation of Herod's fortress revealed watchtowers, water cisterns, storehouses, palaces, and a bathhouse, as well as mosaics and murals. Thanks to the dry climate and remote location, the structures have been well-preserved. About 100 years later, during the First Jewish-Roman War (66–73 AD), a group of Jewish zealots took refuge in Masada. They held off the Romans for several months until the Romans built an earth ramp to scale the steep cliffs. When the Roman troops reached the plateau, they found that all 960 Jews had committed suicide rather than be captured and forced to renounce their God. This event in Jewish history has made Masada a symbol of Jewish determination not to surrender their independence.


    The tour departs from Masada and takes you to the nearby Dead Sea, passing through Ein Gedi and Qumran, the site of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery. If time allows, we will stop for a refreshment at the Dead Sea Mineral Cosmetics factory. Our final stop on this tour is at the Dead Sea, where you can relax on the beach and unwind.


    Enjoy the natural health benefits of the Dead Sea environment, such as the salt-rich water, oxygen-rich air, and mineral-rich black mud that you can use as a natural skin mask. Don't leave before capturing a photo of yourself floating in the Dead Sea.

  • Included and Not Included:


    • Pick-up and drop-off service from and to your hotel
    • Fully qualified and licensed tour guide
    • Transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle
    • Entrance fees


    Not included:

    • Food and beverages


    • It is recommended to bring a hat, swimwear, comfortable shoes, and beach sandals.
    • Departure is guaranteed.
    • It is possible to have pick-ups/drop-offs in different cities. However, we do not diverge to specific drop-off locations.
  • Terms and Conditions:

    Our company has the right, under certain circumstances and limitations, to change the tour date, pick-up time, drop-off time, and tour route at its discretion, taking into account the best interests of the tourists.

    Tourists are required to follow the instructions of the tour guide or any other representative of Bein Harim Company.

    Tourists who decide to leave the tour halfway before it is completed will not be entitled to a refund or any other form of compensation.

    In the event that a tourist arrives late, the tour leader may, at their discretion, proceed with the tour. All expenses incurred due to the tourist's delay will be covered by the tourist, and they will not be entitled to claim compensation.

    Prices indicated do not include meals.

    VAT: by law, Israeli citizens must add VAT to the payment.

    Under certain circumstances, a vehicle change may be required during the tour/pick-up/drop-off, in order to avoid delays, shorten travel time, and ensure operational efficiency.

    Bein Harim is not responsible for the loss of belongings/items during the tour. If we are able to locate the lost item for you, you will be asked to come to our offices in Tel Aviv independently to claim your property.

    The minimum age to join day tours or tour packages is 4 years old (there is no minimum age for private tours).

    Our Daily Tours and Tour Packages/Multi-Day Tours may be bilingual (English and another language).

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    We are pleased to apply a 10% discount for children under 12 years old and students (subject to presenting a student card).

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